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Some Interesting Things You Can Do With A Pool Table

There is no denying that pool is an extremely popular game and many folks who to decide to acquire a pool table will enjoy playing this cue sport for a very long time. However, what these people do not know is that they can just as easily try out many other games at the pool table without having to invest anything in equipment and accessories. This guide will attempt to summarize the variety of games you too can play on your pool table as well as demonstrate just how versatile a pool table can actually be. Play now: Red Ball

Top 5 Alternatives to Standard Pool

If you are looking for a way to try out your advanced pool skills, then perhaps it is time to master the alternatives of the classic Eight Ball pool. Following are five suggestions you can attempt next time you want to play pool.
  • Bumper Pool

Bumper Pool is typically played with five red balls and five white ones, which are carefully arranged on five spots near the edge of the table. The objective of the game consists of sinking all of the balls in the set (red or white) in their designated pocket, which is usually at the opposite end of the table than their initial positioning. However, the game is not as simple as it may seem, as the playing surface is filled with cushioned obstacles (hence the name “Bumper Pool”).
  • Nine Ball

The Nine Ball alternative can be regarded as a contemporary version of the standard Eight Ball. Unlike Eight Ball, this game of pool can be played according to the rules set by the players just before the game and its main objective is very simple: the players need to pocket the balls in numerical order or to directly pocket the black ball via the lowest value ball currently on the table. In some parts of the world, the rules state that a player can lose even if he has pocketed most of the object balls and his opponent pockets only the nine-ball.
  • One Pocket

Essentially, this game cannot be played with more than two opponents who each have certain pockets assigned. Even though the goal is to strike all balls belonging to a set into that pocket, the game is permissive and you can set up a point system that decreases the score whenever an object ball enters a non-marked pocket.
  • Cutthroat

The popularity of Cutthroat comes from the fact that it permits three players at the table at the same time. The goal of the game can seem complicated at first, but rest assured it is not as difficult as it looks. Basically, each player is assigned five balls which they must safeguard and do their best to keep them from being pocket. Whenever a player pockets all his designated object balls, he automatically exits the game; however, if one of the opponents scratches, then he can re-enter the game.
  • Straight Pool

Straight Pool is a very popular game across the world that consists of naming the ball and the pocket you want it to enter prior to taking the shot. The winner is the one who can reach a predetermined score (100 or 150). Despite the fact that this game is all about perfect execution of the shots, it is important to mention that it is also very fun and appeals to your creative side.
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