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How To Play Sungka Game

Sungka Game. Sungka is a game that hails from Philippines. Sungka is one of many, many games that fall within the Mercala category of games, that are believed to date back to around BC 1. Mercala games are still popular today, especially in the Asian and African countries and all centre around very similar rule- sets. Sungka itself was most likely brought into the Philippines by the people of Indonesia as the word is very similar to the Indonesian word for the same game.Play now: Red Ball

This website hopes to help you with the rules and with finding where and how to play Sungka. Please use the menu above to navigate around the site. I hope this Sungka website is of use to you! Buy Sungka (Cowrie) Shells and Sungkahan (Sungka Board).
Play Sungka online games - Sungka free games. Many Sungka games available to you. . advantage in collecting points to win the game. The word congkak or congklak. Play resumes in the second round with players. Sungka Game Information.
Sungka - Mancala World - Wikia. Sungka → German. Sungka. Other Names: Kunggit,Sungca, Sunka, Chuncajon. First Description: JoséSanchez, 1. Sowing: Multiple laps. Region: Philippines.
Sungka is a Philippine mancala game, which is now also played wherever Philippine migrants are living; e. Macau, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA. Like the closely related Congkak it is traditionally a women's game. Sungka was first described by the Jesuit priest Father José Sanchez in his dictionary of the Bisaya language (=Cebuano) in 1. Kunggit. Father José Sanchez who had arrived on the Philippines in 1. The Aklanon people still call the game Kunggit. José Sanchez (born Josef Zanzini [*1.
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