Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Wheels Hacked

About Games 
Happy Wheels hacked unblocked consists of bloody scenes and poor characters with different featured levels and maps. Learn 4 Good Games finally offers this addictive vehicle game to all of the players. The selection of the characters and levels need to be done first. Then, go for the bloody race awaiting you ahead! You need to take control of your character skillfully, try to pass all the deadly obstacles and traps on your way and reach the final zone safe and sound. This game is not for the ones who are scared of seeing blood and stuff. You’d better be prepared for this challenge if you want to experience! Alright, let’s go and good luck to all!Play now: Duck Life


Use arrow keys for basic control
Press spacebar for main actions, key Shift and control for secondary actions, key E to eject
Hack information:
You will have infinite health 

Source: Red Ball

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