Thursday, 31 March 2016

Playing Ping Pong on Your Pool Table

If you want to add a bit of diversity into your game room, then the best thing you can do is purchase a table tennis conversion top. For starters, you will not have to invest a lot of cash and still be able to play ping pong with friends and family on an exceptional surface. On a side note, even though they are significantly cheaper than the table tennis tables, it is necessary to mention that the conversion tops include high quality features that deem them comparable to professional tables. Essentially, professionals are not fond of conversion tops because they are slightly higher and come in other sizes, than the officially accepted ones. Play now: Duck Life
At the same time, the ping pong conversion top is an excellent choice for people who do not have a lot of free space in their home. Besides, their key feature is the simple and quick installation, so you can set it up when you feel like playing table tennis and take them down when you are in the mood for pool.

Your Pool Table is Done For? Then Put the Slate to Good Use!

Regardless of what kind of pool table buyer’s guide you read, they all say the same thing: the quality tables are made from solid wood and last for extended periods of time. However, the solid wood pool tables long-term lifespan does not mean that they will last forever and ever. Essentially, at some far point in time – and depending how often you use the table, how well you care for it, its innate durability, etc. – the wood components will wear out. Not to worry though, as the slate is still good and can be reused. Here are three suggestions on what you can do with a pool table slate:
  • Transform it into a foosball table

If you happen to have a wet tile saw, then you could cut the slate and create a foosball table from the slate. While it is true that you will also need to purchase a frame, poles and kickers, a foosball table made from a quality slate will enhance your playing experience. Essentially, you can be certain that you will no longer have to deal with warps or the ball getting stuck into the small hills and valleys determined by warping, which are proprietary to wood foosball tables
Play now: Red Ball

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